My Cars


I bought Guiseppe in Feb 2011.  He is a first generation Twingo.  He was originally registered in Italy (hence Guiseppe) in 1996 and came to the UK for good in 2000 as N853JLX.  I sold him in July 2012 and really wish I hadn’t!!  He did however emigrate to France where I understand he was being re-registered as a French car.

I loved the sound of the engine, the lack of power steering and the fact that I could get in and out easily with the seats up.  Oh and you could tilt the passengar seat forward from the driving seat… put your left foot up comfortably on the cubby hole/shelf AND you could drive along with a can of coke on the dashboard.  (none of these things possible in the later version!)


Is a 2000 mark 1 but a later series Air model.  Has the Clio engine but more importantly the full glass sunroof!  Originally imported from the Netherlands.  The car had cat C damage to the n/s door and sill.  The car was bought from ebay by the previous owner with this damage.  He repaired the car and then sold it to me after short ownership.  I have owned Johan since May 2012.  I was a 2 twingo owner for a few short months!


After Johan came Dieter.  He came to me from a local enthusiast who had owned him for 10+ years.  Originally owned and registered in Belgium, Dieter was imported by a Cornish company who were a twingo specialist and sold the car to the previous owner.  I bought him in July 2014 and sold him back to the previous owner in Sept 2015.  I became twingo-less!

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