I am probably old enough to know better but I have wanted a Twingo since about 1996/7.

At the time I was an international holiday chauffeur (coach driver) and I during my travels in Europe I came across lots of Twingos.  I loved them from afar but in 1998 I was on holiday in Tenerife and we hired one.  We being me and the friends I was on holiday with.  I’m not short and it was such a cool car to drive.  It would have been a very early series so I don’t think I had power steering.

So the “love affair” started and I had to make do with seeing them on my travels.  I took lots of photos of them in many forms and also had a fair model collection too.  My faves were the Herpa ones that were 1:87 scale so they were ideal for model railway types and “oo” gauge trains.  The Herpa ones were mainly bought in a huge multifloored toy shop in Koln, although ebay was a great source.  Sadly I sold many of them in recent years.

Such was my addition that I bought a ride on one or my godson and two pedal car versions for my nephew.  The first pedal car was bought on ebay.fr from France!

More to follow

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Where did you buy that dark blue Twingo? I’ve been looking for one for ages. My brother has a Renault Twingo and I want to buy him a little one.
    I hope you can help me!

    1. Hi Erna. That’s for the comment. Which dark blue one are you talking about? A real car photo or a model I have posted. Can you maybe comment on the photo so that I can reply in detail. Thanks.

  2. Just arrived at this site having learned about it today.
    To add to my collection of 1/43 model Renaults, I am awaiting the imminent arrival of my first Twingo…a mark 1.

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