Le Bonheur (…est dans le pre)

Many thanks to Mathieu Martin for the “heads up” on this one.  I am generally the first person to scour any EU film or programme for a twingo but this suggestion goes even further.  The French film “Le Bonheur (…est dans le pre)” was released in 1995 and one of the main characters is the boss of a Renault dealership.  Cue two scenes filmed inside a real showroom which contain a yellow mk1 and a collection of twingo articles that I have mostly got in my collection.

So I spotted  (photos below)

  • A peluche (Red and white soft toy twingo that makes an engine sound when you squeeze it
  • In the same cabinet, two Solido model twingos on the same plinth (one yellow and one green)
  • Twingo clock on the wall
  • 2nd generation brochure next to the clock
  • Red circular display. The hinges are a large version of the ball style keyrings that were available at the time.
  • Second display with “Options” also in a red circle

More details about the film here.  EnglishFrench.

I bought this copy from CEX on DVD for £5 including delivery.

Please feel free to share anymore suggestions for twingo spots in films.


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