Club 43eme Renault Siege – Voiture Flash #000199/000200

img_20190323_190358Bought this one on for around E15 recently.  The Club 43eme (the 43 being the model scale) was formed back in 1995.  It was formed by Christian
Schmaltz (big fan of miniatures) from Renault’s CE Headquarters who decided to create a section dedicated to automotive miniatures.  In the first year the club had 23 members and one limited edition car was produced for them by Solido.  This twingo was issued in 1996 for 85 members by Verem and cost 60FFR.  The model represented the car used by the company to connect various sites around Paris.  I am quite pleased to have #199 of 200. 🙂  You can read more about the Club 43eme here.  In 1998 the club renamed to ACMA Renault.


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