Grand Jeu Du Radiotelephone Renault

I bought these from a French phone card seller via recently for 4E30 including delivery.

They look like telephone cards (remember them?!) but they are entry cards to a Renault competition.  The first one from 1995 gives the chance to win one of 24 Renault Clio Chipies or one of 200000 Twingo umbrellas.  The text on the back translates as….

composite_15477546667727Great Radiotelephone Renault Game

Dial the confidential telephone number on the front of this card. You may have the chance to win one of 24 Clio Chipie or one of the 200,000 Twingo umbrellas in play.


Renault’s European Radiotelephone Service

This card is strictly reserved for you to take part in the Radiotelephone ‘s Free National Grand Game during the 4 DAY STARS OPEN IN THE RENAULT NETWORK from March 17 to 20, 1995.

The second one from 1996 is a little less generous, encouraging Renault drivers to pop into their local dealer to sign up for what seems like a Renault payment card.

portes renault17012019Expenses in sight?  Enjoy the pocket book.

To take full advantage of your car by spending your car expenses on several months (repairs, accessories, etc.) the DIAC Pocket Reserve card allows you to obtain payment facilities throughout the Renault Network. Educate yourself.

Go to your participating Renault Dealer or Agent to play the Radiotelephone’s Free National Grand Game.

Renault Open House from March 21 to 25, 1996



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