Twingo Nevers Magny-Cours – Medecin Vitesse

IMG_0117.jpgI recently spent far too much money to buy a couple of auction lots from an auction house selling someones Renault collection.  I only did it to buy one (perhaps two) cars.  Having collected twingo miniatures for so long, you get to know what you like, what you have seen and more importantly what you are waiting to buy.  This car comes into the “I’ve never seen one of these before” category!

So I assume it was made for the 81st French Grand Prix at Nevers Magny-Cour held on 2nd July 1995.  The box suggests that only 100 were made and by the looks of it I have #1!  What are the chances?  Anyone else got one?

Not all of the cars in the lots I bought were Twingos.  Feel free to visit my eBay page and or follow me for more sales.  My items for sale can be found here.


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