Twingo GT, La Parisienne and Car Navigation System –

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How exciting is this, well I thought it was!  I recently discovered Yahoo Auctions in Japan and specifically, how to buy from them!  It’s a whole new world!

I am guessing due to the huge language barrier and the inability for EU and Western PCs to work with the language, you can use a sort of clearing house process to buy in Japan from Japanese sellers.  I used to place your bids or buy it now bids with yahoo auctions in Japan.  The seller then sends the article to  Once the item arrves with buyee, they can rewrap it and send it on at your cost.  They will also consolidate auctions so if you win more than one item from more than one seller, they can be sent altogether to you in the UK or where ever.

The downside is it isn’t a cheap process as there seems to be a charge for all sorts of reasons.  The postage from Japan was at 6 different levels!

The bottom line is that my item cost around 400Yen (£2.70) but the end cost to buy it and get it to me, including that 400Yen was 2625Yen or £17.70.  Still, I think it was worth it.  A huge positive was the speed of the purchase.  I bought and paid for the item on 25th Sept.  It arrived at Buyee on the 27th and was posted on to me on the same day, arriving with me on the 1st Oct.  Buying to receipt in 6 days!

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