Twingo phone cards Telefonwertkarte Telefon Kartya

Searching through boxes and found these two that I bought a long time ago in two separate transactions, no doubt on ebay.  Collecting phone cards was big business back in the 90s but its a dying art form now as no on really wants them!  (Apart from the twingo ones of course!)

Image (143)The Telefonwertkarte is Austrian and it says “Twingo er macht die welt erst richtig rund” which translates to Twingo he makes the world really round.  No idea of the year however the back of the card is just black so that would date the telephone technology?



composite_15379690687631The Telefon Kartya is from Hungary.  On the rear it says “Fedezd fel velem miert kerek a vilag” which Google translates to Discover me why round the world.  This kind of suggests that it was from an similar age as the message is close to the Austrian version.  This card does say 1994!



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