Twingo Anson 1:18

I’ve got five of these!  Greedy I know.  I bought a couple originally in Germany back in the late 90s from a big toy shop.  There were lots of them in the red boxes and from memory they cost the equivalent of around £10.  I did foolishly sell a couple some years ago.  To buy them now you are looking at around £40 each judging by ebay.

The models themselves are made with great detail.  There is an open pull back sunroof.  Both driver and passenger doors open and the front seats tip forward.  The front wheels are connected to the steering wheel which moves with the wheels.  The bonnet opens as well to reveal the engine.  The examples I have collected via ebay appear to be in varying states of repair (or disrepair depending on how you look at it)

Of the boxed cars, I have three different box designs.

IMG_2161.JPGHaving looked a little closer it seems that this version is an official Renault release as it includes the Renault Part Number of 7711149183 on the side of the box.

Its manufactured by Anson Industries Limited of Hong Kong, made in China and distributed by Naser & Mittman Trading OHG, Germany.

IMG_2176Here is the red version, same maker details etc as above.  (Bit gutted that on closer inspection this one doesn’t appear to have a windscreen!)



IMG_2306This last packaging design has no mention of Anson or the German distributers.  Its made in China and shows “Information a Conserver.  Carrefour France”




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