1997 to 2015

54-twingo_3900176811_oI drove my first twingo ever on Tenerife in 1997. I was there on holiday with some friends and we decided to drive up Teide.  The car hire company had Twingos available and it was a no brainer to chose one.  We had a great drive up and down the mountain and a few evenings out and about playing the twingo game.  (Like “Yellow Car” but with twingos!)   Back in 2015 there were twingos around but no where near as many as 1997 and certainly none to hire.

ecars-tenerife-twizy_19080808266_oIn 2015 discovered that you can hire the Renault Twizy.  Hire was quite cheap at only €10 for an hour, €15 for two hours and €30 for the day.  I took the opportunity to hire one.  Considering I am 6ft 4, it was quite comfortable.  Not sure about the brake efficiency and the lack of “noise” took a little getting used to.  I went drove back to Los Christianos to recreate a photo from 1997!



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