Twingo – Jeu de familles

35136430701_40c8c7a88c_o.jpgNot a big card player and I can’t really remember ever playing Happy Families/Jeu de familles.  I’ve got a couple of sets of these now and finally today I actually opened a pack to take a look.  They are quite cool and I think one of the cards might be a little inspiration for my twingo tattoo!

Regle du jeu

Le jeu est compose de 6 familles de 5 cartes

Les cartes sont distribuees totalement entre les joueurs. Le premier joueur demande a la personne de son choix les cartes manquantes pour completer ses familles. Si le joueur interroge n’a pas la carte demandee, c’est a lui de demander des cartes. Le joueur qui a rassemble le plus de familles completes a gagne.

De plus, une meme famille represente une frise amusante que les plus petits s’amuseront a assembler!

Rule of the game

The game consists of 6 families of 5 cards

The cards are distributed totally between the players. The first player asks the person of his choice the missing cards to complete his family. If the player questions does not have the requested card, it is up to him to ask for cards. The player who collected the most complete families wins.

Moreover, the same family represents a fun frieze that the little ones will have fun assembling!


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