Un Siecle D’Automobile – #45 Twingo

usda cover.jpgLike most things, I recently bought #45 of this partwork on ebay.fr. (£2.53+£2.71 postage) This part work reminds me a little of the sorts of things I used to sign up for at the local newsagents as a child.  The newsagent always telling me that it would come in as a special order each week, month or year (!) and they were never impressed when I got bored and cancelled!





usdaSo, Un Siecle D’Automobiles (or A Century of Motorcars) is a 210 part magazine, each edition with details of a number of cars, #45 of course dedicated to the twingo.  The partwork also included a diecast model (not present with my copy) that was made by Solido, 1:43 scale and supplied in a card box..

Apart from the first edition, the magazine cost 10E52 per edition so a cool 2200E or around £1900 at todays exchange rate to collect the full set.  A full listing of editions can be found here.



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