Renault Toys – Twingo 2 – 7711420514

If you follow my blog you will know that I am not a fan of the 2nd generation twingo.  The was 99p on ebay, boxed and of course a Renault Toy so I felt compelled to buy it.  Sadly its missing a headlight cover and sending a soft box in a jiffy bag is never a good look.  However for the price I will accept my lot with this one.  On the plus side I was really pleased to find the full fold out sales leaflet with the full range of available models.  I’ve already got the 1st generation versions and the Police car (x3)

Full list
La Collection des P’tites Voitures
Les P’tites d’Assistance    7711237437
Coffret “Pret a Jouer”        7711419220
Coffret “Pret a Jouer”        7711419218
Coffret “Les P’tites Voyageuses”    7711227830
Coffret Pret a Jouer”        7711419219
Megane Trophy        7711419098
Clio Renault Sport        7711419095
“Les P’tites Mythiques”    7711237439
Coffret Anniversaire 4cv/Dauphine    7711237438
“Les P’tites Legendes”    7711420235
“Les P’tites tuning”        7711421957
Coffret Renault Concept Car    7711237420
Renault Concept Car Fluence/Wind/Be Bop    7711237419
Twingo                7711420514
Velsatis            7711224064
Avantime            7711229503
Scenic              7711226507
Espace            7711222977
Laguna            7711237422
Laguna Berline      7711237422
Megane Coupe        7711222978
Megane Coupe Cabriolet    7711224767
Megane Coupe Cabriolet “Vacances”    7711226508
Megane Coupe Cabriolet “motrio”      7711420057
Clio                7711230398
Modus                7711227827
Twingo               7711228047
Kangoo Phase II      7711227829
Logan                7711237423
Logan Break          7711420234


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