Workshop manuals

In the UK we have Haynes who have long been the “go to” manual for help when looking to fix a car.  I have gone quite a few over the years, never really knew what to do with them but it always looked good.  Nowadays I pick up the odd one from boot sales to reminisce over a long gone classic I used to own or wanted to own.  All of this of course pre-internet days.  Now most people turn to Youtube to find out how to do “that thing”.

RTA Revue Technique Automobile 558 Jan 94 Renault TwingoSo back to the twingo and here are a couple of publications that I picked up recently from and leboncoin.  Back in Jan 1994, edition number 558 of the Revue Technique Automobile would set you back 151FFR, about £15.  Back issues are still available from them direct at 25Euro.




L'EA L'Expert Automobile 308 May 93 Renault TwingoL’EA or L’Expert Automobile produced their version #308 in May 1993.



The Haynes french language twingo manual from 1995 can be found here on Amazon.  At the current price of £32, I won’t be buying a copy!




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