Renault Press News – Monday 7th Sept 1992

twingo press news pg1 twingo press news pg2Issued almost 24 years ago, this press release was recently purchased on ebay for £7.99 incl postage.  (Quite pleased with that!)

As well as the “Renault Twingo Re-Invents the small car” headline, its quite a historical piece in its own right.  It’s a real reminder of how technology and communication has changed since 1992.  The document has a real air of “photocopied or laser printed onto letter heading”.  Having spent a few years in the late 80s locked in a cupboard with a Gestetner machine, I feel qualified to make that judgement!  Not the slightest hint of a web address either although there is a phone number AND fax number!  It’s an 081 number though.  (London numbers changed to 071 and 081 in 1990 with the extra 1 being added in 1995).

Assuming the Press pack is complete, there are 3 black and white photos too.



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