So this weekend has been an anniversary.  It has been a year since Guiseppe came to live in Devon.  Strange in so much that a year ago he broke down with clutch failure and this year he spent the weekend at the garage too!

Problems with a screw on the rocker cover have meant that he sounded a lot like a tractor.  An initial repair failed and this led to Guiseppe spending the weekend with the garage (VMS Torbay)  and me being the proud owner of a Suzuki Wagon R for the weekend.

The thread in the cylinder head for the bolt is non-existant so is being redrilled as we speak ans hopefully that will be the end of the problem for now.  Failing that I will need a new cylinder head.

During this visit to the garage I have already had a new heater pipe fitted.  The pipe costs £70 plus VAT plus fitting.  Renault had to supply the pipe and originally said it would take a week.  After two weeks we spoke to Renault who said they had bits on back order and no indication of when the part would arrive.  Two days later it arrived at the garage!

Oh and did I mention I need a new radiator!?


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