1000 Miles in 4 days!

Sun 24th

We left the bay at 0345 en route to Dover.  Ferry to Calais.  A short stop the the Etap at Grand Synthe, Dunkerque and then on to Brugge for the afternoon.  Evening meal on the Sunday was taken at Malo Les Bains in the restaurant without an English menu.  After lots of debate we finished up with four steak and chips!  It was a long walk from where we had landed with the car and equally long to walk back again.

Mon 25th

A short drive the Grand Synthe to De Panne where we caught the tram from there to Oostende for a day of sightseeing and shopping.  Add a little bit of bad service in Macdonalds and some tram jostling on the way home!  Evening meal was taken at the Buffalo Grill, Dunkerque.  Here we had a quick view of a twingo being pushed as it would appear to have failed its owner on this occasion!

Tues 26th

What has become a traditional run from Grand Synthe down to Bailleul for their weekly market.  Didn’t spot any bargains until we went crazy for 3 plastic sink hole covers for one euro!  Swiftly followed by some vetement trying on in the back of an old EDF/GDF Renault Master.  From here we drove south of the town and a little light shopping at Leclerc.  Its the big looking one you can see from the motorway on the way to Lille.  Lunch was taken al fresco with one of our party on dry bread due to the gastric problem suffered from the night before!  We then drove across to Ypres.  Coffee, walking and some souvenior shopping.  We returned back to Dunkerque to then head to downtown De Panne for spaghetti and chicken.  Not on the same plate!  It was quite windy and a bit rainy as we took in the delights of the toy shop and the largest vending machine, certainly in De Panne!

Wed 27th

Time to make our way homewards but not until we had filled the car with our purchases to date and suitcases.  We then motored to Pidou which became an adventure as the slip road off the motorway was closed and then to Citie Europe.  We had travelled just short of 1000 miles in 4 days.  The fuel consumption averaged 45mpg which was pretty good considering we were 4 up with luggage, no roof bars or box and we averaged 65-75mph on the motorways!

Guiseppe did us proud.


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