New tyres


Had a feeling it was time to get new tyres so popped in to Treads Tyres.  I needed 3 tyres, both front and n/s/r.  Quoted me £45 each all in for Falkens.  Got home and did some price comparisons and I could get Continentals for £38 each all in at Kwik Fit.  Pay online, book an appointment and thats it.  However, I have a deep ingrained dislike for them and the extra money at Treads was worth it for the better experience.

I turned up at Treads next day at the agreed time and was on my way not long after.  Its fair to say i didn’t realise quite how bad the original tyres were.  I now have a car that feels like it has power steering even though it doesn’t!  Will be interesting if my mpg improves.  Going faster though does feel a bit easier too!

01803 321953 Barton Road Torquay


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